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The latest generation CPR Support(TM) &FireDefender(TM) LSZH series product is specially developed to meet the high flame retardancy and safety of cables, optical cables and network cables by ATP. Compared with traditional polyolefins catalogue flame retardant material, SupportTM &FireDefenderTM ??experienced a longer period of research and development with more comprehensive and harsh tests. The overall promotion includes selection of raw materials, design of cross-linking formulation, combination innovation of flame-retardant system, innovation of lubrication system and production process control etc., which created a brand-new upgraded version of LSZH material.



More Reliable on Flame Retardance

Very effective solution of total heat released and peak heat release rate control. The higher carbon deposition efficiency, that refers to the quickly carburized of the cable surface while burning, an effective protective layer is formed; Smoke generation and halogen gas release while burning fully to meet the requirements of the regulations; Fully support optical cables, cables and network cables to pass various combustion tests( different? product designations meeting different levels of burning tests) of EN 50575(B2ca level、Cca level、Dca level)and GB31247(except A level).

Higher Safety Performance

Fully support cables, optical cables and network cables to pass the environmental resistance tests like cracking, aging tests in high temperature situation, UV aging; winding and impacting tests in low temperature situation.

More Wear-resistance

Better wear resistance and scratch resistance than the others in a same testing condition.

Good process-ability

Fully meet the requirements of high-speed extruding, line diameter rounded and stable, less salivation (less die stock), good color stability and higher yield rate. Batch stability and homogeneity are guaranteed.

More Professional Material Solutions designed for Different Application Scenarios, the main Product Solutions include:

  • High-flame retardant LSZH: support EU CPR regulation and Chinese GB31247;
  • High hardness LSZH: hardness ≥65D, or ≥98A;support a wide range of operating temperature of -40~125℃;
  • Low friction LSZH: Low friction for convenient site operation;
  • High-temperature resistant LSZH: Non-sticky for 125℃/1000 Hrs;
  • High-temperature resistant and shrinkage resistant LSZH: 1) shrinkage≤5‰ under high temperature cycling at 85℃; 2) shrinkage≤5‰ under low temperature cycling at -40℃; 3) High and low temperature shrinkage: shrinkage≤5‰ under high and low temperature cycling at -40~85℃; 4) support a wide range of long-term operating temperature -40~125℃ ;
  • Radiation cross-linked LSZH: Temperature class will be greatly raised after radiation cross-linking, and supports the high-temperature cables to meet the requirements of flame retardant and long-term aging tests at 150℃-temperature resistance grade;
  • UV cross-linked LSZH: UV lamp radiational LSZH is suitable for scale and high-efficiency quantity production of thin-wall insulation of cables.

LSZH Application Fields

Low smoke zero halogen suitable for high-rise buildings, shopping malls, theatres, power stations, chemical plants, city squares and other public utilities, etc.

Communication Optical Fiber
High Voltage Wire Harness in Vehicle
Military&Aerospace application cables
GB31247 Cable
Architecture&Home Decoration Cable
Fire Resistant Cable

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  • 1. Customer demands

    The customer proposes performance requirements based on actual cable application scenarios

  • 2.ATP engineers develop material solutions

    ATP customizes appropriate elastomer solutions according to customer requirements.

  • 3.Customer approves the solution , ATP makes samples

    After the customer approves the solution, ATP makes material samples for the customer to test.

  • 4.Customer test samples

    Customer make cable sheath according to sample material and test performance requirement.

  • 5.After sample test is passed, both parties will draw up the order contract

    After the customer passes the test and is satisfied with the material, he will draw up the order contract with ATP as required.

  • 6.Close the deal

    ATP produces materials as required and delivers products on time.

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